November 22, 2007

Elijah's Birthday and Thanksgiving

Lots has happened since my first post. My family all got together and did a mock Thanksgiving dinner on the 11th and I took my camera and took pictures of my sisters and their families. However, when I got home and uploaded all the pictures I took they all looked awful. I was so mad! GGRRRR! So Joe and I decided it was time for a better more dependable camera. So Christmas came a little early for me and I now have a camera I LOVE! I got it just in time to take pictures of Elijah's party.

We had Elijah's birthday party on the 18th. He loved it! Last year he cried when everyone sang to him this time he laughed and loved the attention.

I can't believe he's two. I know three is going to come even faster. Grandma Ann and Karen were kind enough to help him open all of his gifts. As you can see by the look on his face, he loved those too. My friend Robin helped me decorate his amazing dinosaur cake.

We spent today out at the Ribera's and had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner. Mom did a wonderful job! And the best part is Joe and I get leftovers.

It's been nice to have a long weekend that Joe doesn't have to work. He has been getting a lot of little things done around the house. Tomorrow I'm going to take Elijah with me to visit my sister in Santaquin and spend the night. While we're gone Joe can relax and go play computer games with my brother-in-law. He's definitely earned it.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!


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