March 26, 2009

Super Elijah!

I feel bad I didn't post any pictures last time. Don't worry, this one will be full of them! Today Elijah took his sunglasses (minus the lenses) and decided that they turn him into Mr. Incredible. He looked so dang cute! Then tonight he was putting his blanket on like a cape and running around saying, "Super Elijah!" and, "dun dun dun dun!" He's just getting so darn big! I'm amazed at the thoughts that he tries to convey to me. He still has a hard time finding the right words or phrasing sometimes, but he tries and that's what matters. He still loves to give me hugs and snuggle with me every now and again. I know it won't last for much longer. How sad! I honestly have to keep reminding myself that he is only 3 and I shouldn't expect him to act any older. I need to work on that patience thing.

He and Hailey are sleeping in the same room now. They were waking up and going to sleep within about 10-15 minutes of each other anyway, so Joe and I decided it was time to get Hailey out of our room and into Elijah's. We had to tell Elijah to just let her cry because that's how she falls asleep and he did really well with it. That boy has ears like a, um, hawk? I have no idea what animal has good ears. Anyway, he hears her wake up from naps long before Joe and I.

So, happy announcement! We are getting... a baby! HA! Just kidding! We're getting new carpet upstairs. We had wanted to get new flooring through out, but it's just too expensive. So we are doing the upstairs carpet now, and hopefully laminate wood flooring on the main floor during the summer. It will be so nice! I'll post some pictures once it's done. Joe will be working hard his entire spring break to make it happen. And thankfully we have family in town to stay with while the house gets turned upside down. It will be an adventure.