May 20, 2009

If he lives to see 4 I'll be amazed!

I love my son, I love my son, I love my son. He's reached another stage in his life, one I hoped would never happen but I knew it was coming! He's independent. He has decided when he wants to do something or see something he will make it happen. Recent occurrences: Monday morning he woke up and came in to see me. I told him to play downstairs while I finished waking up. When I sat up in bed I saw some light in the hallway which can only mean the front door was open. I ran outside (minus glasses or contacts which means I could see about 2 feet in front of me) and couldn't see him anywhere. I found him a minute or two later over in the neighbors carport because he had followed a cat there. Tuesday morning I'm sitting in the dining room finishing up breakfast, Eljah is in the kitchen, not more than 5 feet from me and somehow manages to spray WD40 in his face. The cleaning supply cupboard must have been open because I've asked him to open it many times since and he can't (believe me, if he could he would have). If he keeps scaring me like this I might not make it to see my next birthday. Needless to say, Joe and I have had some discussions with him and are buying a chain to put on the front door. Yes, he can unlock the regular lock and the dead bolt. Elijah is getting better at saying prayers! He recites after Mom and Dad but sometimes adds a little something of his own. I said, "and bless Daddy that he will be safe." Elijah said, "and bless Daddy, that he will be safe from alligators." I said, "bless the missionaries." Elijah said, "bless the jumping beans." Guess he doesn't really know what missionaries are yet.

Hailey, thankfully, is staying semi little. Although she has figured out that rolling is a great way to get around. She has also decided baby food is disgusting (can't say I blame her) and that she prefers real food. Her favorite would be pears (home canned baby!).

Joe and I are both SOOO excited for him to be done with school. It's so close, but we're running out of patience. There are lots of projects for us to work on. But aren't there always. Speaking of projects I'm actually going to post some pictures from our last couple renovations. I've been promising them for a while now. Joe is planning on doing guitar lessons this summer as well. Might as well get all the money we can, right? I'm working at Import Auto again, only 2 hours a day. It doesn't get much better than this!